July 10, 2014

Flora Focus || Sweet peas

You can't make a trip to Pike Place Market without getting some flowers. I picked this bouquet of sweet peas last week. I tried growing my own this year, but I think I may have started the seed to late in the season. Oh well. Maybe next year. Something I learned about cut sweet peas, they don't last very long in a vase. Maybe a couple days and then they started dropping their flowers. This is an annual vine, so you would need to plant them every year.

Sweet Pea
Botanical Name: Lathyrus odoratus
Flower: Comes in purple, pink, white, red, burgundy and blue. It has 4 petals, the top 2 are in a fan shape and the bottom 2 sort of folded up below it.
Leaf: The leaves have 2 leaflets that are oval shaped with a point on the end and a tendril coming from the middle of the leaflet so that the vine can grab and grow up supporting structures.
Meaning: Delicate Pleasures

Unlike the edible pea, sweet peas are poisonous, So Do Not Eat Them!
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  1. Sweet peas is really lovely and this bouquet looks beautiful! My favorite flowers are roses.


  2. so beautiful!



  3. gorgeous, great shade for summer.