July 24, 2014

Flora Focus || Hydrangea

When Hydrangeas are planted in the right location, come mid summer they are nothing but a big wall of color. They produce the largest blooms of bright blues, pinks, purples and white. A little fun fact about this shrub is that the flower changes color depending on the soil that it is planted in. When planted in acidic soil (pH below 6), the flower will be closer to blue and when planted in alkaline soil (pH above 6), the flower will be more pink. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla
Flower: Large clusters of brightly colored flowers. Comes in white, pink, blue and purple.
Leaf: Large oval leaf coming to a point with serrated edges.
Meaning: dispassion


  1. I love these pictures. So pretty, and the love the info about the flowers.

  2. Sooo pretty! Hydrangeas are so simple and elegant! White are my fav.

  3. I just learned this recently! They are so beautiful in any color!