July 31, 2014

Flora Focus || Rose

Roses are one of the most recognizable flowers around. Given in almost every occasion, from the most joyous of celebrations to days of condolences, always with a deeper meaning of love. The most common is the red rose, the classic symbol of love, but roses come in all shapes, sizes and colors. From large blooms with many showy petals to small blooms that only have five petals.

Botanical Name: Rosa spp. 
Flower: Hard to classify because they come in almost every color, have five or more petals, and most are fragrant. 
Leaf: Compound leaf with 3-9 leaflets. The margins have teeth.They turn yellow, orange, or red in the fall. 
Meaning: White- A heart unacquainted with love
                Pink- Grace
                Pale Peach- Modesty
                Burgundy- Unconscious Beauty
                Moss- Confession of Love
                Red- Love
                Purple- Enchantment
                Orange- Fascination

A rose can take on many different faces. They are shrubs and trees and can climb up trellises. Some produce rose hips that are commonly used in tea. There are gardens dedicated specifically to ornamental roses as well as cultivars bred to be cut flowers. The petals can be crushed and the oils used in perfumes and made into rose water used in cosmetics, cooking and medicine. 

Are there any rose gardens around your area that you visit often or have been wanting to visit? There is a rose garden very close to my boyfriends new place that I will hopefully be visiting very, very soon. 
Let me know of any other rose gardens I should put on my must see list! Or any gardens in general at all!