February 13, 2015

Blooms from Me to You

Whether you are getting all dressed up and going out to a nice dinner or ordering a pizza and watching Netflix in your PJs, I hope you have the best night filled with lots of flowers and chocolates. Brent and I will be having a relaxing night in, hopefully putting a large dent into our growing movies-to-watch pile. And because everyone deserves flowers, here are some from me to you. Have a great weekend!

February 4, 2015

Where to Put Flowers Around Your House

Valentines Day is right around the corner, so you might find yourself with a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you don't get them from someone, buy yourself some! I LOVE buying myself flowers for no reason at all :) Once you get the flowers, where are you going to put them? You want to put them somewhere where you can enjoy them and they will look their best.

Single Flower Arrangement
A bouquet of the same flower and color can make quite a statement. You might be getting a dozen red roses in a couple of days, so what are you going to do with them? What I did with my anemones, is I cut the stems short and put them in a short vase. This would look good anywhere that you just want a pop of color.
Bedside Table
Bar Cart
Coffee table with lots of knick-knacks

Low Formal Arrangement
If you want to get creative, go out and cut some foliage and berries from your backyard and make a little formal arrangement with your flowers. These arrangements that are more busy and have more than one type of flower would look good in places where it can be the only thing there or in well styled, uncluttered areas.
A table in the entryway or hallway
Dining room or kitchen table
Uncluttered coffee table

Tall Arrangement
So you don't want to cut the stems and just keep them in a tall vase? Put these in an area where it can be a focal point. Avoid tables where you sit on all sides. You want to be able to see the person across from you!

Don't be afraid to stretch the uses of your flowers. If you get one bouquet, make 2 arrangements from it! I took a bouquet of roses one year, put them in multiple little bud vases and bottles and stuck them all on my mantle for one long statement piece. I LOVED how it looked. Don't be afraid to play with them a little. Flowers are strong and can take a good playing with :) 
Have fun with it!

February 2, 2015

Discovery Park Hike

We have been getting some unseasonable great weather here lately. Lots of sun and relatively warm weather. Perfect for getting out and about. I made a goal this year to go on at least one hike each month in 2015 and a couple weeks ago, Brent and I went to Discovery Park which is minutes from downtown Seattle. We wanted to go somewhere close since we are working on limited daylight. We hiked to this lighthouse which overlooks Puget Sound, with views of both the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges. My favorite being the view of Mount Rainier. I love Seattle so much, because of where it is located. We get both beaches and mountains just minutes from us. I can't wait to explore more this year.

Outfit Details
Top || Ruche
Jeans & Shoes || Target
Coat || H&M

January 28, 2015

Winter Florals

A couple of weeks ago, I got myself some flowers and started playing with them, with the intention of creating arrangements for my portfolio. I loved the flowers I chose and how they all looked together. It all felt very Spring to me. I love how everything turned out. You will see a bridal bouquet as well as a bridesmaid one. A centerpiece and some cocktail arrangements. There is even a little posie tucked in there that a mother could hold in place of a corsage.
I used Anemones, Sweet Peas, Waxflower, Privet berry and Olive foliage. I can't wait to get my hands on some more. Im thinking a floral chandelier is next...

January 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Pretty Lovely

Today is this little blogs 2nd birthday! I really can't believe I have stuck with this for 2 years. So what better way to celebrate a birthday than with candy! I discovered this Candy Club through Kaylee of Kaylee Daily's Instagram. I purchased my own subscription within the hour. I love candy that much. This could be one of the best subscriptions I have ever seen. New candy on your doorstep each month!? Yes please! So, Im going to go celebrate some more by eating more candy. Cheers to the future!

Outfit Details
Skirt & Top || Urban Outfitters
Socks ℅ Oasap
Sweater & Tights || Too old to remember

January 15, 2015

Buckets of Blooms

I got my hands on some flowers this week! I spent ALL of yesterday playing with them and taking tons of photos. Portfolio building is really fun guys! Creating bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets, taking those apart and making little posies for the moms, then making those into little cocktail arrangements. Styling a table as if it was at a wedding. Making boutonnieres, corsages and flower crowns. Large centerpieces, small centerpieces. Anything that you would want at a wedding, I am making from one small bunch of flowers. I hope you want to see pictures :)

Outfit Details
Skirt || Francescas
Top || Forever 21
Sweater & Booties || Target 

January 2, 2015

January Ruchette of the Month

Happy New Year! I just wanted to let you know that I am Ruche's Ruchette of the Month for January! You can see the interview I did with them on their blog. I absolutely love Ruche, everything they stand for and the clothes they have. This is the perfect way to begin 2015!

Hope you have a great weekend!