June 9, 2014

Flora Focus || Oriental Poppy

I need to get myself some more of these poppies. I think they are gorgeous! These photos don't do them justice, but their bloom is huge! We have had this plant growing in our backyard for the longest time and it is literally wedged between a rock and a piece of wood and grows on its side. This guy is a trooper and comes back year after year despite his growing conditions. My grandma has a gorgeous pink one that I took a seed pod from last year, but didn't do anything with. I have to get another one this year and try growing them, because hers are unbelievable.

Oriental Poppy
Botanical Name: Papaver orientale 
Flower: Large, papery petals with a large seed pod in the middle. Blooms can be orange, pink, purple or white. Can grow up to 4 feet tall with a 6 inch bloom.
Leaf: Very hairy, long, finely cut leaf.
Meaning: Fantastic Extravagance

The blooms only last a couple of days, which is too bad and that is why they are rarely used in floral arrangements and bouquets. Instead the large seed pod that they leave behind is used to add some interest.

While looking up this flower, I found this poem by Ffrida Wolfe and loved it.

The poppies in the garden, they all wear frocks of silk,
Some are purple, some are pink, and others white as milk,
Light, light for dancing in, for dancing when the breeze
Play a little two-step for the blossoms and the bees.
Fine, fine, for dancing in, frilly at the hem,
Oh, when I watch the poppies dance I long to dance like them!

The poppies in the garden have let their silk frocks fall
All about the border paths, but where are they at all?
Here a frill and there a flounce – a rag of silky red,
But not a poppy-girl is left – I think they went to bed.
Gone to bed and gone to sleep; and weary they must be,
For each has left her box of dreams upon the stem for me.

~ Ffrida Wolfe, 19th c. poet


  1. Poppies are some of my favorites!

  2. these are gorgeous!!



  3. I love love poppies we have a friend that grows them in his garden I always think they look so beautiful

    1. They are beautiful! Some of my favorites!

  4. Those are so pretty! I saw some growing wild when I was in Rome...I'm pretty sure they were poppies.


    1. Ahhh that would be amazing to see them wild!!

  5. I love the color! They almost look like they're made of tissue paper :)

    Daydream Frenzy

    1. They do! I think thats why I like them so much...

  6. Wow, what a gorgeous color! I love those bottles you use for vases, too! So pretty!