May 15, 2014

Flora Focus || Dogwood

Flowering dogwoods are some of the prettiest in the spring. The whole tree is filled with large pink, red or white blooms. It is quite the site!

Flowering dogwood
Botanical Name: Cornus florida
Flower: The real flower on a dogwood is actually very small. They are the little yellow clusters in the middle of the 4 showy bracts. The bracts are the pink parts on this tree, that resemble petals. The bracts can also be white or red. They emerge on the tip of the branch before the leaves.
Leaf: The leaves or ovate (oval shaped) that come to a point at the end. They can be 3-6 inches in length.
Meaning: Love undiminished by adversity


  1. these are gorgeous!


  2. I love this series that you do! Flowers make me swooooooon :)