July 31, 2013

That short post after a vacation

These pictures were taken last week before I went on vacation to the Washington coast. I just got back yesterday and am really excited to look at all of my pictures again and show you! Hopefully I will have multiple posts coming your way.
Outfit Details
Skirt & Shirt || Nordstrom Rack
Necklace || Forever 21
Black Bandeau || JCPenney

July 23, 2013

15% Off Modcloth Coupon Code!

Hi Guys! Its National Hot Dog Day and to celebrate Modcloth is offering 15% off the whole site with code WOOF15! Its only for 24 hours, so hurry over! Sale ends tomorrow (7/24) at 10:00am (PST).

Also check out this post for ideas to spice up your hot dog today.

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!

July 21, 2013

Exploring my Surroundings and a little Challenge for You

The places that I take outfit pictures, to me, are just as important as the outfit itself. I get inspired by my surroundings. When I am out driving around, I am constantly looking at the scenery and thinking to myself, "This outfit would look good in that field" or "that outfit would look good by that lake." I am always finding places that I wish I could use for my outfit pictures. One of the things I love about having this blog, is it takes me to places I wouldnt normally go. It gets me outside and exploring my surroundings. So I hope with these pictures that I take here, they inspire you to get outside and explore that field behind your house or the little stream that you always drive by on your way home from work. I challenge you to take pictures in a place that you havent taken pictures at before. If you do, leave a link below. I would love to see it for my next little piece of inspiration.
Outfit Details
Dress & Shoes || Target
Jacket || Nordstrom
Bracelets || Kohls and Handmade by my mom
Necklace || Gift from grandparents

July 19, 2013

Im Ready for Fall to Get Here

Lately I have been waking up to gray skies and a bit of a chill in the air. Its the best, exactly like fall weather. However as the day progresses the sun starts to come out and it gets hot. Yeah, heat can be nice for a little bit but after awhile it gets old. Im looking forward to the days where I wake up to rain and it lasts the majority of the day. Throw in a good wind storm here and there and I'm a happy girl. Days where I can wear big comfy sweaters like this, curl up on the couch with a big comfy blanket, fireplace going, hot chocolate in hand, reading a good book. Yep, I'm ready for fall right now.
Outfit Details
Sweater, Shorts, Necklace and Cami || Forever 21
Shoes || TOMS

July 18, 2013

New Lens!

You guys. I am now the VERY proud new owner of a 50 mm f/1.4 Canon lens. I am seriously in love with it. I was previously using the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Canon lens. After getting this in the mail a couple of days ago, I could not wait to take outfit pictures with it so I could see the difference between the two lenses. Oh. Em. Gee. Night and day! This lens was purchased with a very special event in mind. My brother will be getting married this December in Switzerland and they chose me to take their wedding pictures. I am so nervous but so so excited at the same time. They will be looking at these pictures for the rest of their lives. You don't get to redo this moment. The pressure is on and I can't wait!!
Outfit Details
Skirt & Belt || Target
Shirt, Ring & Shoes || Forever 21
Jacket || Nordstrom
Necklace & Bracelet || Kohls

July 15, 2013

Exploring the Okanogan Hills

I spent the majority of last week in the Okanogan Valley, in north central Washington. My boyfriend and I spent a couple of hours exploring the hills behind his house. These pictures show what we came across. If you travel the main highway through this area of the state, you are surrounded by brown hills. These dirt roads showed a whole different side of Okanogan. Large green meadows, surrounded by groves of aspen trees with patches of purple, white and yellow wildflowers. Exactly the spot where I would go with picnic basket in hand and a good book in my bag. Travel a little farther and you come across a hidden little lake with a forest of evergreen trees in the distance and rolling green hills. Every now and then you would find an old abandoned barn or shed. These old buildings all have stories. Stories that I would love to know. Who worked there, what did they do, why did they leave? Exploring these areas you feel like you are the first person to be there, but these buildings tell you otherwise.

July 12, 2013

Co-Hosting Brightside Beauty Blog Hop!

Today I am here to Co-host a blog hop with Meet Me on the Brightside! Add your link below, follow and leave a comment saying hi and I'll be sure to hop right on over to yours!

Meet Me on the Brightside
Happy Thursday Bloggers! The weekend is just about here! Come link up to my Brightside Beauty Blog Hop for a chance to gain new followers and find amazing new reads. Linky list will be open now until this Monday night 11:59 pm, Ohio time. There are only a few guidelines , so read, follow, and let the fun begin. Don't forget to come back every Friday to join the blog hop and enter future giveaways :) The blog this weekend with the most views will win a co-host spot on next weekend's hop so get your network on :)

July 10, 2013

I Saw Bigfoot!

If someone were to visit my blog today for the first time, they would probably think I was crazy. I've got Bigfoot on my header, I'm posing with Bigfoot and Bigfoot is on my shirt. Too much Bigfoot? Never. I first saw Kaylah from The Dainty Squid wearing this shirt and I immediately knew I had to have it. So I ordered it right then and there. I suddenly remembered this statue on Disautel Pass in Eastern Washington. Luckily we were making a trip East for a couple days. Perfect time to take pictures! We took a drive out there yesterday and if you didn't already know the statue was there and saw this as you were driving, you would probably really think it was him for a split second. It sits on top of a hill and you can see it perfectly from the road. So we parked, hiked up the hill and met Bigfoot for the first time!
Lets talk about how awesome this shirt is. Its got all of the mystery creatures on it. Bigfoot, UFOs, the Lochness Monster, Jackalopes and more. And if this shirt couldn't get any better, it glows in the dark. Yep. It glows in the dark.

Outfit Details
Skirt || Target
Belt || Forever 21
Vest || Thrifted/DIY
Shoes || TOMS

July 9, 2013

Flower Pressing

So what do you do with old textbooks you ask? You press flowers of course! Last Monday I started a pressed flower or vegetation or whatever  I feel like pressing journal. I went out and got a hard cover Moleskine notebook with an elastic and some pretty tape and I was ready to go. So every day last week I picked something new, pressed it and put it in my journal. It's kind of fun! It really makes me want to go out in the woods and see what I can find and now I am just anticipating the arrival of fall even more. Hello orange, red and yellow leaves! As you can see from the pictures, some turned out and some didn't. Its all trial and error. The color in the purple flower was completely pressed out. Maybe Ill press it again but this time directly into my journal. A purple splotch might be kind of cool. Possibly. Maybe. Im excited for the ferns to be done pressing so I can add those!

July 8, 2013

Floral and Stripes

Pairing floral and stripes is quickly becoming one of my favorite combinations. I saw this dress on Modcloth and immediately bought it. There was no thinking about it. I saw it and bought it. Simple as that, which can be very dangerous sometimes. You get the piece and you don't like it the more you look at it. This has happened many a times, especially when shopping in stores for me. Which is odd, because you get to really analyze the clothes before you buy them. I just get a little too excited I guess... Luckily that was the not the case with this dress. This dress also inspired this outfit a while ago. So what do you think? Do you like this combo? What patterns do you like to mix?
Outfit Details
Shoes || Target (Old)
Necklace || Forever 21
Jacket || Nordstrom