March 3, 2015

Studio Space Inspiration

Last summer, I cleaned out the greenhouse behind our house and one of the goals for the coming months is to make into a studio space to arrange flowers in. Right now that happens on the front porch and I just hate leaving the flowers out there overnight. So, I would love to have a space out back where I can keep them and all of my supplies.
Ive gathered some photos for inspiration on how I would like the space to look and feel. Im thinking lots of white with some dark barn wood to rough it up a bit. I would love a sink in there, but there is unfortunately no way that is going to happen. Maybe in my next studio :) A wall of shelves filled with vessels is on the must list and I LOVE botanical prints, so to have those covering one wall would be pretty neat. And of course a long, tall table to work on and fill with lots of flowers.

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  1. what a fun idea! can't wait to see what you come up with!

    xx nikki

  2. Love these photos! Literally swooning, hehe. Good luck with decorating your own space!

  3. That would be my dream to have a space to make flower arrangements! I could sit and make flower bouquets for hours

    1. Oh me too :) Im really excited for this