March 5, 2015


So, true story. A couple mornings ago, I woke up and looked out the window and thought, "Oh! It snowed!" I quickly realized that the tree outside my window did not have any snow on it, but it was covered in flowers! I wrote a little post about this flowering tree at the end of March last year. This tree is blooming a full month ahead of schedule. And not long after that post I was in a field of daffodils which are already blooming too.

This little house in the background is also the one that we are planning to redo and make into a more suitable working space. Imagine a big deck on the front and sliding barn like doors on the front to completely open up the studio. I will definitely keep you updated on everything that is happening with it. Hopefully it won't be too long before things get started.

Outfit Details
Skirt || Ruche
Top || Francescas
Booties || Target


  1. I am absolutely loving your skirt! So flowy and pretty ^_^

  2. my best friend lives in WA and i've been so jealous of the weather you guys are having!!

    xx nikki

    1. We have been pretty spoiled this year! I do wish we got just a little snow though!

  3. gorgeous photos! love the skirt <3