March 6, 2015

Adding Flowers in Unexpected Places - (Hang Them!)

Hello there! So we all know to put flowers in vases and place them on tables, mantles, shelves, any flat surface, right? Well lets switch that up a bit. Lets hang those vases and get some color and life in a dark corner. But you're thinking, "Jordyn, we can hang plants in those corners. There are tons of tutorials for hanging plants around." True. Some corners may not have enough light and could actually be harmful to those indoor plants we love so much, however. That's where cut flowers come in! Sunlight is actually reduces the life of them, so dark corners are perfect!

  • Bud Vases - Pick some that have some sort of lip in the opening. 
  • Twine - Or any ribbon/rope. I liked the rustic look of the twine. 
  • Hooks
  • Scissors
  • Fresh Blooms

1. Measure how low you would like the hang your vases, double it and cut this much twine. Tie the two ends together so that you have one big circle.
2. Attach the twine to the lip of the vase. Tie it, loop it, whatever works best for the vases that you have, just make sure that it is attached tight so they don't slip off.
3. Fill the vases with water and place a bloom in each vase.
4. Screw a hook into the ceiling where you would like to hang the flowers. Make sure it is secure!
5. Hang your vases!
You can hang as many vases as you want to make a bigger impact. You might want to use more than one hook for that though! I think this would be amazing above a dining room table as sort of a living chandelier. Let me know what you would do with this! The possibilities are endless!
Have a great weekend!


  1. i LOVE this!! such a great idea!
    xx nikki

  2. Your pictures are beautiful:)! I love the idea I think this spring I'll definitely be doing this

  3. I've never been a HUGE flower lover, but these are such creative ideas! With spring around the corner, I might just have to become a flower person. :)

    Chels //

  4. This is a really cool idea! I love it! :)