March 17, 2015

15 Events to have Fresh Flowers At

I may be a little biased but I think having fresh blooms at any event or special occasion is a good idea. They add a little something extra that shows you thought about every aspect of the planning process, they soften the venue making the space a little more comfortable and they are just really pretty to look at! Am I wrong on that one? I have put together a list of events that you may want to think about adding fresh flowers on that to-do list of yours.


Bridal Shower
Whats better than showering the bride to be with fresh blooms?

Rehearsal Dinner
Start the wedding festivities a day early and give everyone just a little taste of the gorgeousness they will see on your wedding day.

Sunday Brunch
Brunch is great. So when you plan one with all your best friends treat them to some fresh blooms as well. It will brighten everyones morning and wake them up a little bit more.

Anniversary Parties
Throwing a big anniversary party? How about incorporating the flowers used on their wedding day into the party. That would definitely take them back to their special day.

Company Events
Not all companies throw great parties like Ruche does. So step it up just a little bit and make everyone feel a little more comfortable with gorgeous arrangements on all of the tables.

Summer Solstice Party
When I was in Sweden, I found out that Summer Solstice or Midsummer is a day that everyone comes together and celebrates. It is tradition that the girls wear wildflower crowns. I LOVED this and eventually want to have a celebration like this. If you are throwing one, think about getting floral crowns for all of the girls. They would love it.

Birthday Parties
Birthday parties aren't just for the streamers and balloons anymore. How about adding vines of flowers to the balloon strings instead. Unexpected dreaminess.

Decor for Classes
Little arrangements add some texture and color to your tables, whatever you may be teaching.

Photo Shoots
Think about wearing a floral crown or hold a fresh bouquet in your next portrait session.

Product Launches
If you are launching products online, add some fresh blooms to the product photos. It would add dimension and some extra color.

Host a Floral Arranging Class
Contact your local florist and see if they would be willing to host a little workshop for you and your friends! Whether it be making a floral crown or a hand tied bouquet.

Decor for Home Tours
When doing a home tour on your blog, always add fresh blooms to the rooms. It makes it look like someone actually lives there and really brightens up the room.

Styled Shoots
Styled photo shoots and stock images are huge for bloggers right now. Gathering office supplies and props that match your brand are fun, but don't forget to add the blooms in there too. They really add a fresh touch to the photos.

Garden Party
A garden party is another party on my must host list. So obviously fresh blooms would need to be anywhere and everywhere.

Are you throwing any fun parties or events in the near future that you are adding fresh blooms at? What is your dream party to host?

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  1. You make me wanna have a garden themed picnic now.