November 9, 2014

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is in just a few short weeks and whether you are hosting at your place or going somewhere else, a floral arrangement would make a good centerpiece for your own table or a perfect hostess gift. It might sound a bit intimidating to make your own arrangement, but I promise its not as bad as it sounds!

You are going to need a vase or two, floral wire and water proof floral tape (you can find these at any craft store), wire cutters, floral clippers and of course your choice of flowers. I chose to work with Eucalyptus, Rose hips, Hypericum, yellow and purple Mums, and Sunflowers. You can find flowers at your grocery store, your closest wholesale flower market during public hours, or go to your florist and buy single stem flowers.

Step by Step

  • Begin by washing out your vase and clippers and prep your florals by removing all of the leaves. This will make the arranging go a lot faster.
  • Ball up a portion of the wire and place it in your vase. Secure it in place with the tape. 
  • Start with your chosen foliage to make a base. Cut the stems to size and remove all of the leaves that would be in the water. Keep on adding the foliage until you have a good base. 
  • Next I go in with my textural elements like the rose hips and hypericum. You can place those wherever you want. I usually like to have some berries hanging over the edge in front and high off to the side. But really, put them anywhere you want. 
  • Then I pick out my showiest flower and place that right in front but not center, just off to the side.  Then start putting in my smaller flowers around it. I like to group the same flowers in three's so that they show up more and make more of a statement. 
  • When you have those key pieces in place, fill in with the rest of your flowers and add more rose hips and hypericum. 
  • Place on your table and enjoy!

Things to keep in mind
  • You don't want any leaves in the water or on the flower stems. Leaves in the water will make it dirtier faster and leaves left on stems will take water away from the flower heads. 
  • Place your vase on a box so that it is more level with you. This will make it a whole lot easier!
  • Step back often to look at your arrangement from a distance and from a different perspective. 
  • Don't make it to high. If it is a centerpiece you want to be able to see over it to see across the table. 
  • Most importantly, if you don't like your finished product, take everything out and start over. Its OK! I had to do that this time. I just didn't like the first one I made, at all. I hesitated taking everything out and am so glad I did. So really, its ok to start completely over. You will find also that it goes by a lot faster. 
I hope this helps you out and gives you the little push and confidence to make your own arrangement. If you do, let me know how it goes! Just remember, practice makes perfect. Don't be discouraged by the first arrangement you make. It will get easier. 
Thanks for reading!