November 7, 2014

Nancy Drew

I bought this dress within about 15 minutes of finding it on the Ruche website. That NEVER happens. I usually find something I like, think about it for a bit, go back and look at it a couple more times, think some more, then order. I just instantly fell in love with it. I also feel a bit like Nancy Drew wearing it, which is never a bad thing. I kind of wish I went as her for Halloween now. I loved reading those books when I was younger and not going to lie, sometimes got a little scared reading them at night, in bed with just my lamp on. Every fall I want to get one back out to reread. Maybe I will now, after I get done solving the mystery of the old clock in my house…

Outfit Details
Dress || Ruche
Boots || Target
Tights & Sweater || Old


  1. This outfit looks so cozy! Love how you styled this winter-y dress.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! And your hair looks the most beautiful of all, absolutely stunning (:

  3. that dress is gorgeous! but omg your hair is beautiful!

    xx nikki

  4. Great dress indeed, such a classic! I can see why you'd insta-buy it. Love letting hair grow out too, long hair looks great on you :)

    <3 Megan

    1. It made me a little nervous to insta-buy it but I am so glad I did :) Thanks!

  5. Thanks for following me Jordyn! I just did the same for you. :)
    I love this outfit so much; it's beautiful! Also, your hair is stunning.

  6. Amazing outfit! Perfect for a beautiful fall day:)

  7. What a pretty dress, I love the plaid!

    xx Kelly
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