September 15, 2014

My First Wedding || Ellensburg, WA

As you know, two weeks ago I did the flowers for my first wedding. I thought I would share some of the few photos I took there and the days leading up to it. I didn't get a chance to get good photos of the bouquets, so Im waiting to get the professional ones before I show you those. This wedding was out in the country in Ellensburg, WA and the bride wanted to feel like she was standing in the middle of wildflower meadow. Let me know what you think!

P.S. A HUGE thank you goes to my boyfriend and his 2 best friends. They did the dirty work of filling all of the jars with rocks so that they wouldn't tip over from the wind. It was a killer that day. Thank you so SO much!


  1. Looks beautiful! Congrats on your first wedding :)

  2. what a gorgeous wedding! and the flowers look amazing!


  3. These look beautiful! The flowers look absolutely perfect along the aisle xo

  4. What a gorgeous setting for a wedding ceremony, and by the looks of it your floral arrangements would have been icing on the cake! The first pic of you is really beautiful :)

    Lauren / And Together We

  5. superb! Really nice post sis, excited to see more xx Peach

  6. this is LOVELY- i'd definitely feel like i was in a meadow if i was there. oh i especially love the purple flowers- what a gorgeous hue

    xo marlen
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