September 11, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

I have a super easy fall DIY for you today, making lanterns from mason jars. The supplies include mason jars, wire, chains, candles and wire cutters/pliers.
Step 1: Wrap the wire a couple of times around the neck of the mason jar. Make sure it is tight so the wire cannot come off of the jar. 
Step 2: Attach the chains to the wire by pulling apart one of the links on each side of the chain and attaching it to the wire. You can use the pliers to help pull apart the bigger links. 
Step 3: Insert a candle.
Step 4: Light and enjoy!
See, easy! I placed mine on my front steps. I think they would also look good as a centerpiece on a table as well. This just adds a little extra cozy to your home as the temperatures decrease, leaves start to change and it gets darker earlier. 


  1. this is precious and brilliant! love it!

  2. Really cute and easy. I think they would look good even indoors maybe for Christmas time. Thanks for the idea.

  3. What a lovely project! I love everything with mason jars.

  4. cute and so simple! Love that you made it look so simple- perhaps I'll try!
    xx Missy

  5. That is so cute. Great project for fall decorating