September 27, 2013

Back in Old Places

Im back at WSU this week and as I am writing this post I am sitting in on my boyfriends class he is teaching. I cant tell you how nice it is to sit in a classroom and not have to worry about hurrying to get all the notes down and listen and pay attention. If only I could have written all my blog posts in class. This is quite nice. A lot less stressful. I do like being back on campus and people watching. After this class I am going to go sit in the CUB and do just that. And not have a single worry about homework or upcoming tests.
These pictures are quite fitting for this post. These were taken at my old elementary school. I wish I could say I planned this, but I didn't. It was the first time in a long time I had been at that school. Even though it is right by my house. I guess I dont have much of a reason to be at a playground anymore. Which is ridiculous. Who couldnt use a good swinging session every now and then?
Outfit Details
Sweatshirt & Pants || Old Navy
Shoes || TOMS


  1. You look so cute!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Such a cute outfit and what a fun photo shoot! Glad to be a new follower, and looking forward to more posts!

    PS: You totally made me nostalgic for college, and I've been out less than a year!


  3. Cute outfit, I love the color of the jeans and that is a sweater I would wear all the time on the weekends it looks so comfy. Your hair looks cute too.

  4. I love your pants!! Such a wonderful color for autumn! xo

  5. So adorable!!!! Love the pants.

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  6. Cute outfit. I love whimsical playground photo shoots.

  7. cute outfit, even if you're a coug! ;)
    -a husky alum!

  8. Love this outfit :) the red is so cute for Autumn and I love it's casualness :)


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  9. Cool jeans! I don't wear jeans a lot, but I do love my red ones!