September 14, 2013

Peony Knits || Etsy Shop

While perusing Etsy about a week ago, I came across this super cute shop full of handmade knit goodness just in time for fall. The lovely lady behind Peony Knits, Josie, fills her shop with scarves, boot cuffs, ear warmers, hats and fingerless gloves in all sorts of colors. Everything looks so cozy. Seriously. The best part? Josie has so kindly provided a discount to her shop. Enter promo code "SAVE20" to save 20% off of your order. Now what are you waiting for?! Go say hi to Josie, check out Peony Knits and stock up on essentials for fall!
All photos from Peony Knits


  1. Love the knitwear! The grey hat is adorable! :)

  2. That's a lovely shop! It's really getting me excited for fall !

  3. I loovee knit wear and Fall so much! :) I will definitely be checking out her shop, hopefully she delivers to the UK!


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  4. Alright, It's Rocks & Rolls out my eyes too attractive. All are adorable, I don't know that suits for that girl or else it will suit to every one. Let me check out those things and I'll come back.

    Kelly Davidson