September 24, 2013

My Fall Uniform

Since everyone is on the subject of how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall appropriate outfits, this is the way to go. Continue wearing your favorite dresses, just wear a comfy sweater over the top. Easy! Appropriate for fall and seriously oh so comfortable. This is something you can lounge around in all day and be ready to leave the house any second. Unlike when you wear sweats and a sweatshirt all day and you find yourself needing to leave the house and what you are wearing just isnt going to cut it. I am going to be wearing sweaters and dresses all season long. 
Outfit Details
Sweater || Heavenly Couture
Dress || Handmade
Shoes || Target
Necklace || Forever 21


  1. This entire outfit is so cute and cozy! I love it :) + those shoes are pretty adorable.
    xo Heather

  2. love the layered sweater over the skirt! need to try this soon!

    Colour Me Classic

  3. So cute! And I would definitely do that if my dresses still fit, haha! I've got to find some maternity-friendly dresses to wear sweaters over, because I love this look!

  4. This is such a dreamy location! And I love your sweater paired with the dress - a beyond beautiful look!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. you are SO cute! and I am dying over those boots...perfection.

  6. This outfit is seriously adorable. I really love the addition of the necklace over it.

  7. LOVELY I love this sweater. So adorbs.


  8. Im in love with this outfit :)
    Autumn is the best season when its not raining ^_^

    Sarah xo