December 17, 2014

Floret Floral Workshop Revisited

So I realized I never shared the photos I got from the floral workshop I attended in August with Floret. I was just reminded of these photos, because Erin just opened up registration for her 2015 workshops. One of them is going to be all about peonies. How amazing does that sound!? If you are thinking about a career in floral design, I highly recommend signing up for one of her workshops. I wish I could go again.
These are the photos, that Chris, her husband, took for us while we were there. I just love looking at them and going back to those 2 days.


  1. This looks so lovely Jordyn! I'm going to bookmark those workshops, because I'd love to attend one some day. :)

    XO Liza

    1. I hope you do get to attend one! Best thing I have done for myself!

  2. This looks like an amazing event, and totally fitting for you!! Glad you had a good time!! xo

  3. Wow!! This workshop looks amazing and all of these pictures and flowers are gorgeous!!
    Sincerely, Sara

  4. looks like so much fun!! love the flower crown!

    xx nikki

  5. Beautiful photos! What a wonderful story teller you are.
    Heather Wyancko

  6. Ah, so gorgeous!! I would love to learn more about floral arrangements as a hobby!