December 8, 2014

December Daily | Week 1

Since I love this time of year and all of the activities and festiveness, I thought it would be fun to do a little weekly recap of the fun December things that I will be doing. The first week was full of decorations and lights. We spent 2 (maybe 3) days decorating our house and putting lights on the outside. Don't worry its not crazy overdone, we just took our time. I also made a couple of wreaths and started wrapping presents. The letter below, we found in one of our Christmas boxes. It is from 1989, I was 1 month old. So glad my mom keeps those things. She also kept most of our Christmas lists over the years. Those are so fun to look at again. We decided that we are going to put them all in an album to keep out for everyone to look at every year at this time. At the end of the month, I would love to put all of these photos into an album for a really festive, December only scrapbook. 
Have you started decorating yet? I wanted to get ours up as soon as Thanksgiving was over so we could enjoy it as long as possible. 


  1. So cute! The note especially. When I eventually have kids, I want to make Santa seem as real as possible for as long as possible. :)

    1. So do i. Im so glad my parents did this and that my mom actually kept them!

  2. sooo cute! love your wreaths and the gift wrap!

    xx nikki

  3. ahh, your christmas tree looks so so lovely and that letter from santa is the cutest! xx

  4. I love your decorations:) So festive and cute!