August 25, 2014

My Flower Filled Week

I found a little down time in between these crazy two weeks I am having. Come Thursday I will be in full work mode getting the flowers for my friends wedding ready. So much pressure! Last week I took a class with one of my favorite Farmer Florists, Erin from Floret. I will have a full recap on the magic that happened in that class very soon. So many amazing photos to go through. I am so lucky to live only an hour away from her, so she sent home 7 buckets full of flowers for me to practice with. And that is exactly what I have been doing. I am so grateful to Erin and her team for giving me the opportunity to practice and build my portfolio with flowers straight from her farm. It was a dream. 

Dress || Spool No. 72
Photos by my Mom


  1. So great meeting you!!! Love these pictures!!! xoxo Max & Kiki!

  2. Sooo pretty. I love how you used the maidenhair fern.

  3. these flowers are gorgeous!! so cool!


  4. You always have the most beautiful and whimsical photos!

    the little lion girl

  5. This is gorgeous, Jordyn. I love these photos and the flowers against your white dress. Truly beautiful. :)

  6. This shoot is so dreamy! Glad I stumbled upon your blog... Love meeting other WA natives