August 8, 2014

For the Adventure

Im not completely sure what this building used to be. Maybe an old school house. It looks like one. But every time I drive to Eastern Washington I see it and desperately want to take outfit photos in front of it. I finally made that happen last week. I love how the front doors are framed by these two huge bushes, the chipped paint and the look of the broken windows. I just wish I knew the story of this building. How old is it? What happened there? This is exactly why I love this blog. It takes me to places like this, tulip fields out in the country and to rose gardens in the city. Always on the hunt for new places to take photos and to show you just a little bit more of this gorgeous state of Washington.

Outfit Photos
Top || H&M
Skirt || Ever+Mi Crush
Shoes || Seychelles
Ring || Forever 21
Photos by my Mom