August 11, 2014

Ill Take the Sunshine & Sunflowers

To me these photos look like an easy, laid back, late summer evening. Which it was. I nice change of scenery to what the rest of my weekend looked like. I would have been completely fine with this weekend not even happening. More than fine with it. It included a couple of trips to the hospital, human and doggy kind. Don't worry, everyone is home and doing good for the time being. This was just a very scary weekend and I wouldn't mind if things got back to normal and there be no more hospital visits in my future. Ill take sunshine and sunflowers for now on.

Outfit Details
Top || Kohls
Shorts || Target
Sunnies || Forever21
Sandals || Urban Outfitters
Necklace ℅ Ali Oesch Jewelry 
Bracelet || Handmade by my Mom
Photos by Brent


  1. loving these gorgeous photos & your pretty sunflowers. how cute is your blog? just followed :)


  2. Gorgeous shots! Alex

  3. Gorgeous photos! Your hair is sooo pretty. I'm really glad everyone is doing alright; fingers crossed for no more hospital visits!

    xo Kimi

  4. love this photos! those shorts are so cute!