January 9, 2014

2014 Goals

I'm not one to make yearly goals, but I thought I would give it a shot this year now that I have this blog to keep track of my progress and you guys to hold me accountable. So we'll see how this goes this year.

Get a job that uses my degree: Right now I'm not doing anything that uses the degree I spent A LOT of money on and FIVE years to get. That needs to change. For those of you that don't know, my degree is Landscape, Nursery and Greenhouse Management and I would really like a job at a florist, but if that doesn't work out soon, then a job at a nursery. I just want to work with pretty plants and flowers again. Its been to long.

Clean out the greenhouse and use it again: Many years ago, my dad built a greenhouse in our backyard. I can't ever remember it being used as a greenhouse, but more for storage. See the problem? So in the next couple of months I would like to clean it out and start growing some seeds! It is so satisfying watching flowers and vegetables grow that you started from seed.

Work on flexibility: Once upon a time I was able to do the splits. Not so much any more. I've wanted to be able to do them again for quite some time but have never put in the time to work on it again. Not being flexible is so restricting, I feel… old. So hopefully this is the year. But if I were to pick a goal that I wouldn't follow through with, this one would be it. Just saying.

Take a picture a day: Well so far I have achieved this one! Follow me on Instagram and you can see my daily pictures. They may come a couple days late but they were taken on the day I say they were. I just think it would be so neat to have an album with a picture for everyday of the year. With this goal I plan to have monthly updates on it.

Learn more about photography: I have always loved taking pictures and just really started to get into it this year. This upcoming year I would like to get more comfortable with the manual setting on the camera and use the auto less. Learning what all those numbers mean would be a good place to start.

Identify trees and flowers around me: I took a plant identification class in college and completely loved it. But you know, you study just for the test and forget things after the final. So now I'm looking at all of these trees around me and I know I know what they are but the name isn't coming to me. Except, of course, for the cotton candy tree, won't ever forget that one. Its time to break out my old textbooks and identification cards and get back out there identifying these trees and flowers.

Write more letters/postcards: Who doesn't love getting mail the old fashioned way? Its just fun.


  1. These are all rockstar goals! I am right there with you on writing more handwritten notes and being more flexible. A photo a day is ambitious, but would be so rewarding in the long run. How neat that you have a greenhouse degree! My dream alternative life job is being a florist :] Best of luck with the search

  2. I love these goals! Especially pursuing a job that uses your degree. Nothing worse than feeling you have to settle for something that's not your passion. Been there! Best of luck with all your goals!

  3. I love that you got a degree in Landscape! Best of luck finding a job where you can put all of that time and knowledge to good use. I'm right there with you in that goal. Except I will take whatever full time job I can get at this point so I can move out of my parents' house :)

  4. Great goals! Concerning the job I have the same goal for 2014! These days I ask myself often why I studied and that I should somehow make something in my life that has to do with what I studied AND what I love!
    Except for the job, my goals are rather "low"...like relaxing more and putting less pressure on myself :)