October 1, 2013

Stevens Hall || A Ghost Story

This past week I was back at WSU visiting the boyfriend and hanging out on campus. So in honor of the new month that we are in, I thought I would visit the haunted hall on campus and let you in on its story. This is Stevens Hall, I actually lived in this hall my sophomore year of college and my mom also lived in this one while she went to school here. This is the second oldest building on campus, completed in the summer of 1895 and has been in continuous use since then, besides in 1958 when it was closed for rehabilitation. This hall is the oldest operating residence hall west of the Mississippi River.
In 1971, Joyce LePage would go in and out of this building while it was closed for the summer through a window. This is where she would hang out by herself, write letters and play the piano. July 22, 1971 was the last day she was seen alive. She disappeared. While the custodians were going through all the residence halls cleaning them for the summer, Stevens was the last one on their list. When they entered the building they noticed a five-foot-by-six-foot area of carpet missing from the main living room. They wrote it up as vandalism and forgot about it. They opened a room on the basement level of the hall and found blood splattered on the back corner of the room.
Police connected the blood with that of the missing person, Joyce LePage. A couple of months later a body was found, 10 miles out of town in a deep ravine, wrapped in a piece of 5 by 6 foot carpet. The same carpet missing from Stevens Hall. It was the missing girl. She had been stabbed multiple times in the ribs.
The ladies that live in this dorm, especially those that live in the basement report doors opening and closing on their own, strange noises and screams. I wasnt in the basement that often when I lived there, but when I was, you better believe I was in and out in a hurry. No messing around from me. I never had any ghostly encounters and neither did my mom. If you walked in this building, you would quickly see that this is the perfect setting for a ghost to hang out. The furniture looks like it is from the 1900s and some of it probably is. It is a little creepy walking around. FULL of character and if only these walls could talk. The stories they would tell...
Outfit Details
Dress, Tights & Socks || Target
Sweater || A little boutique in Newport Beach (Dont remember the name :/)
Shoes || Steve Madden
Photos by Brent


  1. Love the colors in this outfit- they are so fall! Alex


  2. eek that's terrifying! It looks like an amazing building though.Are the rooms all in the old style or did they modify them?

  3. Eek! What a creepy story! But your comfy fall outfit is too cute! It's such a cozy look :)

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  4. really enjoyed reading this story and the photos are gorgeous. you look amazing!

  5. I really love your outfit. It is the perfect combination of fall and memories of summer.
    Cool story too. I don't think I would hang out in the basement either if I knew about this.

  6. Ahh, who doesn't love a good ghost story? I used to live in a house where extremely odd, unexplained things would happen. I'm pretty grateful that I was young enough to forget them all. Regardless, lovely outfit. I love the Steve Madden boots, I own a pair by him that are similar, & they have been my go-to for years.

  7. Oh! I love the ghost story!! And your outfit is cute and the photos turned out really great! Now I want to visit this place!

  8. I lived in the hall, in room 24, and it isn't haunted. Have some respect for that poor murdered girl. God we were always so sick of idiots like you looking for a ghost story when you should have been looking for a shred of compassion.