October 2, 2013

Meet the Lovely Courtney of 114º West

Today I am starting a new series where I feature some of my favorite bloggers and introduce them to you! (in case you havent already found them yourself) First on the list is Courtney of 114º West! She is another northwest girl residing in the gorgeous state of Montana. I asked her some questions to get to know her better, so without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Courtney!

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

 If I were a tree I would be a Tamarack Tree. This is a type of tree that is found in my local area of Montana. During the warm summer months it looks a lot like a pine tree with green needles. But as fall starts to come the needles turn a beautiful shade of mustard yellow creating a vibrant fall backdrop for the mountains.

Which Disney princess would you want to be for a day?

I grew up in the princess generation. Watching either the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin almost every day. So I would have to say Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Especially when she wears the yellow dress, I think that dress is my dream outfit! 
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

I was always that nerdy girl who looked forward to the first day of school and buying new folders and pencils. I love how fall has a feeling of excitement and newness to it. Montana is beautiful during the fall, the leaves changing color and the weather turning colder always brings a joy to my heart. Also being able to wear boots, flannels and scarfs are a huge plus! :)

If you were to design a clothing line, what would your inspiration be?

My inspiration would be my town and the area I live in. I truly believe that Whitefish is one of the most beautiful places in the country and love the relaxed natural vibe that comes from this place. From skiing to hiking I would want to capture our ability to look unique and creative yet totally functional.  I love oranges, browns, turquoise and very earthy natural colors. Also the prints of the west would be my largest inspirations. We are surrounded by native and western prints which are some of my favorites. 

You're hosting a dinner party, where would it be and whats on the menu?

Lately I have wanted to host a champagne and s'mores party! I know right? So much fun, so it would be held in a wooded area with a fire pit, definitely with lanterns and blankets on every chair (it is starting to get cold in Montana at night)!  I think it would be fun to have champagne served in mason jars and s'mores on campfire plates. The menu would be very simple, marshmallows, fancy chocolate, and gram crackers. To drink we would have champagne with lemonade as mixer! Jordyn if I do this you have to come over from Washington and hang out with us Montana girls! 

Ok. How amazing does that party sound!? 


  1. oh my, she is so lovely! i just adore your flower crown in the last photo!

    lindsey louise


  2. I am a big fan of Courtney's blog and I love this post. Also, I want to go to that party! I sent an email to Courtney with some questions, and she wrote back and was soo nice!! What a great post!