October 10, 2013

Meet the Lovely Carly of A Walk in the Park

Next up is Carly of A Walk in the Park! She is a Florida girl that takes the most lovely pictures ever and her style is the greatest! ...Think vintage...

Without further ado, everyone meet Carly!

1. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?   

If I were a tree, I think I would be a Weeping Willow. I don't really know why, but I guess I'm only saying that because they're my favorite kind of tree. I think they're so elegant and beautiful! 

2. Which Disney princess would you want to be for a day? 

 Ariel. She's always been my favorite, she's just so happy and colorful! When I was little, I can remember saying I always wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up also...so to be Ariel for a day would be awesome! Haha! 
3. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? 

 Fall, because I love the colors, patterns and of course layering! Everything is at its best during fall in my opinion....fashion, food, weather, all so good! 
4. If you were to design a clothing line, what would your inspiration be?

 I would be most inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Zooey Deschanel's styles. Many classic pieces, kitten heels and A-line dresses would be in my clothing line! 

5. You're hosting a dinner party, where would it be and what's on the menu?

Hm...that's a tough one. I would probably have it on a roof top in NYC, and I would probably serve French food, but I would have more pastries and coffee than actual dinner food. But I'd probably have some pizza and sushi being served also....yum.


  1. I love Carly, her style is adorable :) love the interview thing on here, its always fun to get to know other bloggers!!!!

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  2. Another awesome interview! I really like that you are doing these!