August 6, 2013

Washington Coast Vacation - Part 3 - The Beach!

After our ferry ride and our trip to Hurricane Ridge, we made it to the beach! My boyfriends family got a house on the beach in Grayland, on the coast of Washington State. Every day we spent some time in the sand, digging holes, making sand castles, my boyfriends brother-in-law made an awesome little fort and ended the trip with a fire on the beach on our last night there. Smores were eaten and to change things up a bit, I added gummy bears to mine. I imagined it being like chocolate covered gummy bears (my absolute favorite!!) it was close but not quite (the chocolate needed to melt more). Still very good and I will make sure to have a package of gummy bears on hand for the next bonfire. Beach vacations are always so much fun, especially when you go with little boys. They keep you going.

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  1. It looks better every day!

    There are some really nice pics there :)