August 26, 2013

Just do it

Last week, we saw Sister Act on Broadway in Seattle. I love excuses to dress up a little more than normal. And for me that meant that I got to wear my most favorite shoes from Seychelles. I always feel like I cant wear these shoes on a normal basis. I feel overdressed, but I wish that weren't the case. I should just wear them. I read a post by Kaylee of Kaylee Daily recently and it describes this situation so well. If I'm not going to wear these shoes now, then when? I hope you guys will be seeing these shoes more often, especially with the upcoming fall season. My favorite!

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Outfit Details
Dress || Spool No.72
Shoes || Seychelles
Rings || Macys
Purse || Nordstrom
Belt || From another dress
Hair by Paige


  1. Absolutely stunning! xx

  2. I love those shoes!! great outfit, hope you had fun! xx

  3. you look so gorgeous! Those shoes are indeed adorable. I have some black wedges too and I wear them to class sometimes, so I wouldn't worry about them being too dressy or anything. Might as well wear 'em!
    I don't know how you get your hair to curl like that but it looks lovely :)

  4. I am always wearing shoes or clothes that are probably too fancy slash dressy. BUT I just feel like I should wear them when I want to, who's to say I can't be fancy? lol. Like Oscar Wilde says, "You can never be overdressed or overeducated."