July 19, 2013

Im Ready for Fall to Get Here

Lately I have been waking up to gray skies and a bit of a chill in the air. Its the best, exactly like fall weather. However as the day progresses the sun starts to come out and it gets hot. Yeah, heat can be nice for a little bit but after awhile it gets old. Im looking forward to the days where I wake up to rain and it lasts the majority of the day. Throw in a good wind storm here and there and I'm a happy girl. Days where I can wear big comfy sweaters like this, curl up on the couch with a big comfy blanket, fireplace going, hot chocolate in hand, reading a good book. Yep, I'm ready for fall right now.
Outfit Details
Sweater, Shorts, Necklace and Cami || Forever 21
Shoes || TOMS


  1. Very cute. I have been loving summer because of no school but I do have to agree with you, the winter/fall weather is the best.

  2. Autumn is my favourite season. The fashion is at it's best and the weather is lovely, although I am enjoying summer at the moment. I have some really summery clothes this year which is unlike me and lots of nice plans (my sister is home from Australia for a few weeks) so I shall not wish that time away :)

    Cute jumper in your photos. You cannot beat a nice oversized jumper :)


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  3. You're so adorable! Sweaters with shorts is my favorite combo! So comfy! Warm and cozy on top but still free and unrestricted by those darn winter blue jeans! That sweater is perfect!

    This Lovely Little Day

  4. Good grief! Not only are your outfits DARLING, but I love the locations where you take your pictures! And...I might be a little bit obsessed with that sweater now...it's so cute! Sweaters & Shorts are one of my favorite things about fall :)

    I found your blog through the Collective Blog Hop...and it is lovely! So glad to have you to read now :)