July 15, 2013

Exploring the Okanogan Hills

I spent the majority of last week in the Okanogan Valley, in north central Washington. My boyfriend and I spent a couple of hours exploring the hills behind his house. These pictures show what we came across. If you travel the main highway through this area of the state, you are surrounded by brown hills. These dirt roads showed a whole different side of Okanogan. Large green meadows, surrounded by groves of aspen trees with patches of purple, white and yellow wildflowers. Exactly the spot where I would go with picnic basket in hand and a good book in my bag. Travel a little farther and you come across a hidden little lake with a forest of evergreen trees in the distance and rolling green hills. Every now and then you would find an old abandoned barn or shed. These old buildings all have stories. Stories that I would love to know. Who worked there, what did they do, why did they leave? Exploring these areas you feel like you are the first person to be there, but these buildings tell you otherwise.


  1. Wow such pretty scenery.It must be such a peaceful walk. I love the outdoors as well. My husband would love to go to a place like this. Great post.

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  2. wow this is so pretty! it looks like the olden days...I love it!

  3. very nice, looks like a nice place to take a stroll


  4. wow these are just too pretty for words. I wish I lived in that type of area.

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    I just nominated you for the liebster award! Check it out here.


  6. Lovely photos! I love your blog and your style :)

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  7. These pictures are so beautiful!