May 31, 2013

Today, you decided to take a drive...

You leave your house and drive on down the highway. The first town you come to is a small one. 1st street is lined with antique shops and little boutiques running parallel with the river. You continue on down the street and find yourself at the local farmers market with fresh flowers and produce. After getting out to get yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you slide back in your car and continue on your way. You continue to drive through town, passing large houses with overgrown, lush, green gardens. As you make your way out of town, you begin to pass large, open fields where horses are free to roam. The big red barn at the end of the field is where they call home. Large evergreen and deciduous trees create a living tunnel over the road. After traveling over creeks and through the tunnel, you find yourself at your destination. Completely encircled with tall trees, is another field. A refuge. A place to get away from the busy and loud world just on the other side of the green wall. A place to sit and watch the birds and horses. A place to think. And a place to experience some of the best afternoons  you can think of.
Outfit Details
Top || Target
Skirt || Handmade
Sweater || H&M
Shoes || TOMS
Necklaces || Forever 21
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  1. How pretty, love your skirt. :)

    1. Thank you! The skirt is one of my new favorites :)

  2. Love your outfit, and your hair is amazing :) x

    1. Thanks! I am always struggling with this hair...