May 29, 2013

Growing Seeds in Drain-less Jars

I love watching seeds sprout and plants grow. It is so fascinating to me. Which is why seeds growing in different jars and containers on a windowsill is a must. Often times however those jars do not have a drainage hole for the water to escape. You dont want the soil and seed to become waterlogged and rot. The seed wont grow. To solve this, it is really quite simple. Just add gravel to the bottom of the jar. Then place the soil on top of that with the seeds towards the top. I chose gravel because I like the looks of it but you could also use decorative and colorful needs or glass pebbles to add a little something more. This extra layer allows the water to sit there without waterlogging the soil and harming the seeds or roots. Now you can grow seeds in whatever containers you want and enjoy the wonder of nature inside. Just be sure to give them plenty of sun and keep the soil moist but not soaking wet. Happy Planting!
The pink jar is from my friend Cara. You should go check out her blog Cara Joy, especially the series when she redoes her camp trailer! Its amazing! The Before and After! Go say hi!

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