March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Supposedly it's Spring? Wouldn't know it here. I was welcomed back from Spring Break with a brief snow storm...more like blizzard. Almost had to put chains on my tires to get over the pass, thankfully I waited long enough to where only traction tires where needed. Got out of that one.
Thought it was fitting to wear this neon pink sweater for the first day of Spring. I would have really liked to wear a dress to commemorate this day but the wind here would NOT have allowed that. To risky. It's time to warm up now Washington. That would be great.
Outfit Details
Chambray Shirt || Walmart
Pink Sweater and Jeans || Target
Scarf || Burlington Coat Factory
Boots || Steve Madden


  1. This is a very cute little outfit :)


  2. It's FREEZING today. What is going on with this weather!!

  3. Oh man absolutely in love with those boots! Combats are seriously the best. And perfect year round. You're adorable! :]

    Thanks so much for the visit!! Hope to hear from you again soon <3
    xo sharon

  4. Ahh, this outfit! The color, everything - I really love it! That scarf is so fun and springy!