February 4, 2014

Old Family Photos

A couple of days ago my mom brought in a big chest of old family photos and asked me to organize them. She didn't have to ask me twice. One of my favorite things to do is look through old pictures or watch old home movies. I am very fortunate that my family definitely has no shortage in that area. My brothers and I may have hated it at the time but my dad was constantly taking pictures of all of our family vacations. Let me tell you it was annoying, but I am so unbelievably happy he never stopped and insisted on all of those pictures in front of every national park sign we went by.
It really got me thinking about my pictures and how they are all on some sort of electronic device. That did not sit well with me. My kids won't be able to sit down and look through boxes upon boxes of old pictures like I am able to do right now. One of these days, soon, Im going to have to sit down and print out my pictures I have on my computer, my phone and USBs. I just love the thought of having multiple boxes filled with my pictures. There for me to look at whenever I want. And for anybody else to look at.

So you probably want to know what and who these pictures are of. I would.
1. A pile of pictures of me with my mom and grandma and some of my brothers.
2. Me in our backyard.
3. My dad when he was a kid.
4. My mom and my older brother. This was a really neat pack of black and white photos.
5. Top left- Me sitting on our steps, "posing" for the camera.
    Top right- Christmas morning! With my older brothers and cousin.
    Bottom left- My mom and dad back in the day.
    Bottom right- The day my little brother was born, 23 years ago tomorrow! (Feb. 5) Happy                      Birthday Reed!!
6. My mom at the farm.
7. My oldest brother. This was a whole stack of polaroids. Instantly made me want a polaroid camera.
8. My dad and I and my new teddy bear on Christmas morning.

I loved looking through these photos. Especially the ones of my mom and dad before they were married and of my older brothers as kids before I was around. Thanks for taking a peak at my past!


  1. look at old photos is so fun!



  2. Beautiful photos, I love looking at old family photos, they're so enchanting. x

    1. I know! I really want to display them but don't know how!

  3. I love looking at peoples old photos. They let you into the persons life a little more and its just fun! You look really cute in the top picture :)


  4. I love looking through old photos from my childhood :) Its wonderful to see yours my dear!
    By the way I nominated you for a 'Liebster Award' over my blog because I love yours!

    Lulu xx


    1. Thank you so so SO much! That means a lot to me!