February 28, 2014

19 More Days until Spring!

The weather here the past couple of days has been unbelievably gorgeous. I have been spending the time outside, working in the garden and the greenhouse getting everything ready for new plants and seeds. It has been so nice to get away from the computer and outside for a change. This weather gets you super excited for Spring but it doesn't last until Spring. There is nothing but rain in the forecast starting tomorrow. I have been loving walking around the yard and seeing all of the bulbs coming up. The crocuses are even blooming right now! Only 19 more days until Spring!
Outfit Details
Skirt & Shirt || Forever 21
Jacket || H&M
Tights || We Love Colors
Socks || Kohls
Shoes || Target


  1. I love all the blues and grays and blacks in this outfit! Cute! I want spring now! It's supposed to snow again this weekend. Ugh.

  2. i love this outfit! the black + navy combo works so well!



  3. I swear you have the cutest clothes :) loved those photos

    check out my latest post,

  4. you look beautiful!!

    I CANNOT WAIT TILL SPRING!! ah! come soon!

  5. such a pretty outfit, i love the top! but just to let you know, i nominated you for the liebster award if you fancy doing it! (http://livedlovedlaughedcried.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/liebster-award.html) xx