April 3, 2013

Fresh Flowers and Playgrounds

I think I need fresh flowers in all my posts from now on. I love what these daffodils add to the pictures. And I couldn't wait to get home and start editing them! Spring is definitely a better season to take pictures in. After these were taken I changed into some more play appropriate clothing and my boyfriend (the guy behind the camera) and I threw the frisbee around. The wind quickly stopped that and we made our way to the swings. Let me tell you. I LOVE swings. They are the greatest playground invention ever. Ever. So basically yesterday we were little kids playing on all the playground toys having the best time. Everybody needs to get out and play on the playground. Here I am 4 weeks away from graduating college and I can't wait to go swing again.
I'm off to go prune some plum trees at the organic farm. Hope you have a lovely Spring day!

Outfit Details 
Dress & Jacket || Nordstoms
Shoes || TOMS
Belt || Forever 21 


  1. your outfit is adorable. your pictures... AMAZING!! I am seriously jealous, your site looks great and I always look forward to your upcoming posts! Keep it up!