February 17, 2013

The Great Pacific Northwest

I got to go home for the long weekend and it was much needed and oh so very nice. Now dont get me wrong, I like eastern Washington where I go to school, but I LOVE western Washington so much more. It's home. Things are just more alive, I feel so much better on the west side. I love how green everything is and the constant rain. It is so calming and comforting. I love the evergreen forests that go on for days and don't disappear with the seasons. I love the snow peaked mountains on the horizon with the most gorgeous blue sky you have ever seen above them. I love the crisp foggy mornings that turn into beautiful afternoons. And I love my doggy Bentley. There is no place else I would rather live than the great Pacific Northwest.
Outfit Details
Dress || Modcloth
Denim Shirt || Walmart
Tights and Belt || Target
Boots || Forever 21
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  1. There really is "no place like home"! And I just wish it was warm enough where I live to dress the way you're dressed!

  2. So cute! Love the outfit :)

    There really is no place quite like Western Wa, I couldn't agree more!