February 13, 2013

Valentines Day || Night Out

Still wondering what to wear for Valentines day? This outfit would be perfect for a night out at the movies with friends or just a casual date. The red pants (which are so so comfortable) are that perfect pop of Valentines day red and I wanted to pair it with something sweet, so I chose this lace top and gold bow belt. I think gold is the underrated color of this holiday. It goes perfectly with pink red and white and yet you don't see much of it this time of the year. Now I didn't want to be a walking Valentine, so I toned everything down with the leather jacket and black flats. You still have your traditional Valentines Day wear, but not overdone. Be sure to check out my last post, what to wear for a night in.
Jacket || Vanity
Lace Top || Handmade
Pants || Old Navy
Belt & Shoes || Target


  1. Oh this is cute! I love the markerboard covered in hearts:)