February 4, 2015

Where to Put Flowers Around Your House

Valentines Day is right around the corner, so you might find yourself with a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you don't get them from someone, buy yourself some! I LOVE buying myself flowers for no reason at all :) Once you get the flowers, where are you going to put them? You want to put them somewhere where you can enjoy them and they will look their best.

Single Flower Arrangement
A bouquet of the same flower and color can make quite a statement. You might be getting a dozen red roses in a couple of days, so what are you going to do with them? What I did with my anemones, is I cut the stems short and put them in a short vase. This would look good anywhere that you just want a pop of color.
Bedside Table
Bar Cart
Coffee table with lots of knick-knacks

Low Formal Arrangement
If you want to get creative, go out and cut some foliage and berries from your backyard and make a little formal arrangement with your flowers. These arrangements that are more busy and have more than one type of flower would look good in places where it can be the only thing there or in well styled, uncluttered areas.
A table in the entryway or hallway
Dining room or kitchen table
Uncluttered coffee table

Tall Arrangement
So you don't want to cut the stems and just keep them in a tall vase? Put these in an area where it can be a focal point. Avoid tables where you sit on all sides. You want to be able to see the person across from you!

Don't be afraid to stretch the uses of your flowers. If you get one bouquet, make 2 arrangements from it! I took a bouquet of roses one year, put them in multiple little bud vases and bottles and stuck them all on my mantle for one long statement piece. I LOVED how it looked. Don't be afraid to play with them a little. Flowers are strong and can take a good playing with :) 
Have fun with it!


  1. i love the flowers on the mantle! so pretty!
    xx nikki

  2. I love the last bouquet on this post! I'm trying to learn how to make arrangements, but end up buying flowers at Trader Joe's and just putting those in vases. Still makes me happy though ^_^

    1. As long as you have flowers and that they make you happy :)

  3. I'm off to the church for a couple of days to recharge my weak little battery. See you next week with full bars! Alison xo commencement flowers