December 6, 2013

Black & Brown

Growing up I got it stuck in my mind that wearing black and brown together was a very bad thing. A faux pas. Was that just me or did other people think that too? So I don't know why it looks alright now and not back then. I still feel a little wary wearing this color combo, like it really does look bad and I've just told myself it looks fine. what do you guys think? Do you wear black and brown together or stay far away from it like I used to?
Outfit Details
Jacket || H&M
Shirt || Ross
Skirt || Forever 21
Tights || Target
Shoes || Kohls
Scarf || Handmade


  1. i love this outfit! that top is too cute.


  2. hahaha, I used to think the same thing! For some reason I thought you couldn't wear black & brown together, and I've also recently just got over it. I think this outfit is perfect! :)

  3. I LOVE this outfit, and I thought the same about the "black and brown rule". Now, I don't even worry about it:)

  4. you're totally pulling it off. I dont think I pay attention to it neearly as much as I used to...I'm on board to make it a thing. ;)

  5. I wear black and brown allll the time now but I also was like you growing up! I remember people always saying you should never do that, so I didn't! Now looking back, and looking at different outfits, I really don't get why people said that? It looks amazing to me!

  6. i just found your blog and i just want to say: you have an amazing style! and about the black and brown.. i used to think that too, but it totally works for this outfit!