November 21, 2013

Creative Initiative Link-Up || #3

Its week three of the creative initiative! This weeks prompt was nature, my favorite! So, if you created anything this week inspired by nature, be sure to link up below! And if you haven't, thats alright! You can link up anytime this week! Go create something!

I embroidered this deciduous tree, with the colorful fallen leaves. Describes the season right now so well. Almost all the pretty yellow, orange and red leaves have fallen and we are left with bare trees. This morning I woke up to frost and the brightest sun you will ever see. This weather makes the mountains in distance look gorgeous! One day I will have to document that. Seriously, I love where I live.
Now we all know that next week is Thanksgiving here in the states. So with that coming holiday, next weeks prompt will be Gratitude. What are you thankful for? Draw, sculpt or embroider it. Then come back next week, link up and check out what others are thankful for. Have fun!


  1. cute!!


  2. Trees are almost naked where I live. Boo!
    Andreea |

  3. Again, so cute! And wish I could stitch!


  4. oh my goodness gracious. this is adorable. hoop art is the thing these days and i'm hoping to give it a try soon!