January 21, 2013

Something New

Hi everyone! Here it is, Pretty Lovely! My name is Jordyn, I'm 23 years old and getting ready to graduate college in May. Pretty Lovely is my creative outlet where you will find my personal style, creative inspiration and everything pretty. I love teacups, but don't like tea. I love flowers, vintage, and pink. I don't think there is anything wrong with walking through the woods in heels and a dress. Rain, lipstick, candles, and Disney are some of my favorite things. Paris and Seattle are my favorite cities and when I'm bored I go for drives. So, here's to something new and exciting! Outfit Details :: Sweater, H&M :: Floral Button up, 11 Eureka :: Scarf, Forever 21 :: Jeans & Socks, Target :: Boots, LL Bean :: White Thermal Shirt, JCPenneys

1 comment:

  1. I'm the same i don't really like tea but love tea cups...so i drink wine out of them!!
    www.countryshenanigans.blogspot.com xx